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CSAS Introduction

“China Solid State Lighting Alliance-Standardization Committee”, CSAS for short, sticks to the principle of openness, transparency, consultation and consensus.

Joint participation, Collaborative innovation

The SSL industry develops at an unprecedented speed. However, the current standardization system can’t meet the market demand of technological innovation and application. Most enterprises are small, scattered and insufficient in R&D expenses. As a cooperative platform of the industry, university and research institute, CSA calls for the industry, the academia and the research institute to participate in developing standards. In this way, the advantages of each part can be maximized to assure that the standards are close to the industry and serve the industry.

CSA standards have the advantages of short developing cycle, rapid response to market and flexible combination with intellectual property rights. At the same time, CSA standards also have the time efficiency, reflect the advanced technology, and enjoy the international competitiveness.

Tasks of CSAS

1. CSAS proposes the policy, strategy and technical measures of the standardization work according to the development status and trends of SSL technology and industry, carries out related work of standardization for SSL industry including standards revision, training and consulting services.

2. CSAS explores a new model that improves the technical standard through R & D and facilitates the application of technological achievements with technical standards around the coordination mechanism of technological innovation, standard development and industrial development. We exert the advantages of CSA to put innovation into practical productivity, lead the industry, promote SSL technological progress and industrialization, enhance the overall competitiveness of China's SSL industry.

3. CSAS actively collects and analyzes the development of international standards and advanced foreign standards, proposes international strategies, promotes enterprises and research institutes in the CSA to involve in international standardization activities.