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All members of CSA are qualified to participate in the development and revision of CSA standards based on their own needs. And they have the access to the standard text of CSA. Non-members involved in standard revision of CSA are required to join CSA.

The Observer

A regular member of CSA turns into an observer of CSAS without any approval. The observer has the right to participate in the annual standardization meeting and sessions of standard revision, to make proposals to CSAS and to have the access to CSAS information. But they do not enjoy the right to vote in CSAS standardizations. They also have the access to CSAS information.

To be a Formal Member

Any CSA member who acknowledges and observes the Charter of CSAS is entitled to make applications at their own will. They are authorized to be a formal member after the approval of the CSAS Board and the payment of annual financial contributions. The applicant may follow the procedures:

1. The applicant submits Formal Member Application Form to CSAS Secretariat;

2. After the screening, the Secretariat submits the list of candidates to CSAS for approval;

3. After the approval of the Board, the applicant pays the financial contribution of the year;

4. The applicant becomes a formal member.

To establish a working group

Any formal member of the CSAS may apply to establish a new working group. If there is sufficient evidence to prove that more than 3 items are required to be developed and more than 7 formal members have agreed to join a working group, the applicant shall submit the written document to the CSAS Board. The working group is allowed to be established upon approval.

1. The applicant downloads CSAS Working Group Application Form;

2. The initiator fills in the applicable form, collects more than 6 forms and submits all written document to CSAS Secretariat. The Secretariat will submit it to the Board for approval;

3. The working group is qualified to be set up after approval;

4. A non-member in the working group who is a formal member of CSAS, may full in the application form and submit it to the working group for approval;

5. The full member may join the working group after the approval.