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CSAS is comprised of Management Committee, Secretariat, Working Groups and Standard Drafting Teams. The members are divided into formal members and observers.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for standardization management as the management organ of CSAS.

Working Group

Under the leadership of the Board, Working Groups, as the organizer in their respective fields, take charge of standardization and standard drafting.

Standard Drafting Team

Standard Drafting Teams are responsible for drafting specific standards, who may work for the Board or Working Groups.

CSAS Secretariat

CSAS Secretariat, also known as Beijing SSL S&T Promotion Center, is the permanent executive body. It is responsible for the daily work of CSAS.

Formal Member

Standing council members and council members are qualified to be the formal members of CSAS. The observer can apply to be a formal member by following the CSAS management rules.

The formal member has the right to participate in the annual meeting of standardization and sessions of standard revision. They enjoy the right to vote in various activities of CSAS. They also have the access to CSAS information.

The Observer

The regular member of CSA turns into an observer of CSAS without any approval. If a full member cannot participate in activities of CSAS standardization as required, they will be degraded to an observer.

The observer has the right to participate in the annual standardization meeting and sessions of standard revision, to make proposals to CSAS and to have the access to CSAS information. But they do not enjoy the right to vote in CSAS standardizations.