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No. Standards No. Standards Name Status
1 CSA/TR 007-2018 Progress report on healthful lighting standards Published
2 CSA/TR 006-2018 Technical Report on LED artificial Light for Plant Growth Published
3 CSA/TR 005-201X Technical report of Low DC powered smart lighting system Draft
4 CSA/TR 004-2017 Technical report of control protocols for LED smart home connected lighting Published
5 CSA/TR 003-2017 Architecture of smart home lighting system and interconnection technology Published
6 CSA/TR 002-201X Effects of Light Quality on Plant Growth and Development
7 CSA/TR 001-2014 Overview on standardization of the LED lighting control system Published
8 CSA 050-201X LED Lighting System for Classrooms Product Requirements and Testing Methods Draft
9 CSA 049-201X Stage LED lighting intelligent control technical specifications Draft
10 CSA 048-201X Measurement of Electrical and Photometric Characteristics for General Lighting LEDs under Different Current / Temperature Draft
11 CSA 047-201X Measurement method for real thermal resistance and impedance of light emitting diodes Draft
12 CSA 046-201X Technical specification for visible light communication LED lighting products Draft
13 CSA 045-201X Smart lighting system architecture and technical reference model Draft
14 CSA 044-2017 Road lighting scene dynamic measurement method Published
15 CSA 043-2017 LED lighting quality measurement and evaluation for indoor Published
16 CSA 042-2017 LED road lighting quality measurement and evaluation Published
17 CSA 041-2017 Specification for functional properties of smart home lighting equipment Published
18 CSA 040-2017 Interface specification for wireless communication module of smart home lighting equipment Published
19 CSA 039-201X Intelligent Lithium Battery Solar Street Light Draft
20 CSA 038-201X Application technical requirements of LED sports venues