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The developing process of CSAS standards primarily includes stages of proposal, draft for enquiry, committee draft for vote, released.

Proposal: All the formal members of CSAS have the right to submit a proposal to establish one standard. If there are more than five formal members willing to participate in the standard drafting, the standard proposal with related technical description could be submitted to the secretariat of CSAS.

The proposal should be preliminary examined by secretariat, confirmed by the secretary-general, and voted by management committee or working group of CSAS. The proposal document and the vote result will be keeped by secretariat. The established standard through the vote will be arranged a standard number.

Draft for enquiry: The working group or management committee should organize the drafting group as soon as possible after the voting, and complete the enquiry draft within 6 months. After confirmation by the leader of drafting group, the draft will be submitted to all members to ask for suggestions.

Committee draft for vote: After summarizing suggestions, discussing with the CSA members, formulating the reply opinion and perfecting the standard, the drafting group should submit the committee draft for vote by CSAS formal members.

Release: If the committee draft though the vote, the drafting group could submit the published edition after the edited amending.

After confirmed by the secretary-general, CSAS will release the standard.

All the CSAS members can receive the standards for free.